5 Examples Of Men Expecting Their Female Coworkers To Fill In For Them When They Lack Basic Life Skills

5 Examples Of Men Expecting Their Female Coworkers To Fill In For Them When They Lack Basic Life Skills

Many organisations haven’t actually changed to accommodate the influx of women into the workforce despite the fact that they have been entering it in record numbers over the past 50 years. Instead, they continue to promote the old male culture and operate as usual.

As a result, when Redditor u/newmama1991 asked for feedback on the “female chores” they’d been assigned at work in a recent post, examples of sexism that would make anyone angry came flying their way.

Thankfully, at least a few of these tales resulted in refusals to put up with this nonsense. Folks, we can (and must) do better!

The men’s restrooms needed to be cleaned because they were a disaster. I exclaimed aloud that the men could clean their own restrooms and that the task in no way required a vagina. There was a moment of silence as everyone looked at me in shock, and the boss hired a cleaner the following week.

For the potluck team lunch, women were expected to provide something, while men were excused and could just purchase drinks, desserts, etc. When the men were excused, I reacted by saying there was no way I was cooking for them. And when the team was debating, I yelled this out in front of everyone. Men on the squad volunteered right away to make simple, uncomplicated salads and buy some snacks, etc. Why this wasn’t the norm before I joined the team is beyond me. But the management noticed this and began recruiting more men to help with the planning, cleaning, etc. Not every woman was given a job.

Rapid forward I currently run my own business. And yet, I continue to encounter misogyny on a regular basis. The distributors and suppliers all talk to my husband since he is a man, and they frequently don’t even look at me when we are in the same meeting. I barely respond. I let the meeting continue on for an hour before getting up and saying, “Thanks for coming, but we won’t be moving forward with working with you.” When they turn to face my husband, he simply shrugs and says, “Well, she’s the boss.” An hour of their time is worth the expression on their face. In addition, if they try to arm wrestle me, they will hear how bad the conference attendees were.

I was once asked to transmit a fax by an older senior-level manager at a workplace where men predominated. Even though I was in a better position than him, I agreed to help him out and answered, “Sure.” When I needed to send a fax the following time, I went over to him and asked him to do it for me. Before standing up and sending it, he gave me a side look. We remained great friends after that!

Two men and three women work for me at my company, which I own. I learned that one of the male employees had been leaving his dishes in the sink while the three female employees were doing their own. They’re all rather young. In a staff meeting, I reminded everyone to wash, dry, and put away their own dishes. I sternly warned the girls to stop doing the dishes for anyone other than themselves. The next week, my guy still has dishes in the sink. I grab him by the arm and inquire about the dishes in the sink as he prepares to clock out. They are, he asserts. If he clocks out and leaves them, I ask him directly in the eye who he thinks will wash them. He remained motionless for a whole minute before realising that he doesn’t genuinely know. I haven’t experienced any issues since he went to do his dishes.

Washing machine is empty. Specifically, because I’m a woman, the business owner told me to.

While I was performing it, a male employee started doing it right away. I adore him.

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